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Telephone Services

Local Service Rates
Residential - Single party (includes 911 and Subscriber Line Charge) - $23.90/month
Business - Single party - $26.90/month

Basic Hook-Up Charges
Credit check required
Hook-up Fee - $65.00

Feature Description Cost
Call Waiting Allows you to answer a second call when you're already on the phone. Prevents missed calls. Free
Call Forwarding Redirects your calls to another phone number $1.95/month
Call Foward Busy Allows you to have your calls forwarded to another number while your line is busy. $1.95/month
Call Forward No Answer Allows your calls to be forwarded to another number whenever you can't answer. $1.95/month
Three-Way Calling Lets you talk with two people in diffferent places at the same time. $1.95/month
Automatic Callback Get through to busy number as soon as they're free.  Your phone rings you as soon as the busy line is free, and automatically connects you. $1.95/month
Automatic Recall Easily dial your last caller even if you didn't answer. $1.95/month
Selective Call Rejection Allows you to program a list of directory numbers that you want rejected or blocked when they call. $1.95/month
Selective Call Acceptance Allows you to program your phone to accept only those calls from a special list of people. $1.95/month
Calling Name & Number Delivery Identifies the name and number of the party calling. $5.95/month
Caller ID on Call Waiting Identifies the name and number of teh seconds caller calling. $6.95/month
Anonymous Call Rejection Allows you to reject call for which calling name and number delivery has been intentionally blocked. $1.95/month
One Plus Restriction Allows no long distance calls made from your phone number unless a special code is entered, with the exception of 800# calls. $1.95/month
Teen Line Allows you to have two telephone numbers assigned to a single party line; each with a distinctive ring pattern to let you know which line is ringing. $6.95/month
Telemarketer Call Screening Blocks all unwanted calls including telemarketers. $4.95/month
Basic Voicemail Allows you to access voice messages from anywhere. $5.95/month
IPTV Caller ID Identifies name and number of the party calling your video screen. (Requires phone and digital TV subscriptions). $3.00/month
Whole Home DVR Allows you to watch recorded shows from any set top box any time, schedule and delete recordings from any room, record up to two shows at once, and store up to hours of programming. $4.00/month
IPTV Message Notification Services provided voice messages that subscribers can listen to or view on their television. $3.00/month
My TV Android App Allows you to access your DVR from your Android phone, view program guide, show recordings, program search and remote control to set recordings. $3.00/month
My Phone/My TV Web Access Allows you to access your voicemail, program guide and DVR set top box. $3.00/month
e-forward This service converts the voice message to a wav file and emails it to single or multipe email addresses. Customers can save the wav file to their computer's hard drive in order to keep messages for future reference. You can youse the save or delete links with the message to remove message waiting indication from the line without having to call into the voicemail system. $3.00/month
TVEverywhere/BTN 2 Go This is a service that allows mobile access for cable TV subscribers to view TV programs on devices other than a TV set. This can include a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Please note a username and password is required for this feature. See list for available channels. Free